Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January BOM

So I decided to try various online methods of creating blocks each month. My goal is not only to learn new techniques, but to also have 1 or 2 large quilts ready in time for the holidays as super duper presents.If I can make a new friend or two then that's a plus!

I found a guild that meets in the area and plan to attend their meeting on Wed to see if we mesh well. (I really love the ideas on their website!) I also joined a few Flickr groups for inspiration. I was invited to try a unique quilting bee that "adds borders" to your original 6" square you send in as you can. There are no time limits and you can keep a block at any time. So, I may not get back the piece I started which leaves me leery of this option.I do appreciate the lack of a time limit because things will get busy with work in the Spring and I may not have time to create on a consistent basis.

Since my mama says not to show up empty handed, I created the first block which was more versatile that I was expecting. (My first attempt was politely called "busy" so I scrapped it and started over with simpler prints that matched the colors requested: blue, purple, orange and white.Perhaps I can send in the blocks created to the border virtual bee to see if someone can transform them?)
First attempt: Not in love with this result.

On my second attempt, I created 2 blocks that look as nice as the sample shown on the guild site. I plan to bring one to the meeting and keep the other for my own 2013 quilt.
Second attempt: So happy with the result.

Border added to fit 12.5 x 12.5 size requested.
I am not sure what order or direction I will finish my personal block. There are a few ways it can piece together. I will post the final result when I officially decide if I like the X or the O pattern.

(I think another goal of mine should be to learn more about photography and lighting so my projects can be seen in a clear light.)
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