Sunday, April 28, 2013

Works in Progress a.k.a Procrastination Sunday

I've been sitting in my sewing room for about 20 minutes watching Youtube videos and reading Facebook/Flickr comments because I'm procrastinating.

I have several projects that are in various states of "almost" done. I have quilts that have most pieces cut and need to be sewn. Some are projects that are mostly pieced but not sewn into strips/tops while others are done but not quilted. I even have one quilted piece that just needs binding. Don't even get me started on the fabric I've purchased with the intention of making specific projects that have not even been cut yet.
So now I am writing this post because I still don't know where to begin today...I have to work later tonight so I want to get something creative done.

Here's my first of two blocks for my next Skill Builder BOM. I basted all of the pieces last night as I finished up the last season of a TV show on Netflix. I will need to work on the diamond carat another day.
Chev N Hex basted, not pieced
 I saw a great tutorial on GEN X block library that I've always wanted to complete. I cut these pieces out a while back. They keep getting stacked and shuffled around on my sewing table but have yet to make it close enough to my machine to start sewing. I should finish up at some point this century.
Spiral Hexagon cut pieces
 I'm teaching a mini-lesson for the next OMQG meeting on hexagons. I shouldn't come to the meeting unprepared. I did cut them out so that's a start!
Hexagons for Wed. Tutorial
 I won these Shoo fly blocks last month and have most of my ideas on paper in my sketchbook. I  just need a few more sashes sewn to complete the tops I have planned.
Shoo Fly blocks from OMQG
 I scrappy baby quilt top for my good friend from work. They decided to let the sex of baby #4 be a surprise, so I thought, "You can't go wrong with every color in gingham". (Their son was born last Saturday so I need to get this done before he starts preschool!) I am hoping to complete this on a long arm and have some fun quilting it.
Finished baby top, needs quilting
 A finished blanket for my daughter-dog, Evie, who loves to sleep. A lot. She's 14 and mostly blind so I wanted to make something soft and light for her upcoming birthday in May. I love watching her circle and scrunch up her bedding to find just the right spot to relax.
Finished quilting, needs binding
 Here's a kinda sorta done Drunkard's path set of blocks that I am making, too. All pieces that I need are finally cut but I haven't finished sewing all of the pieces together yet. Then, I need to sew all of these rainbow/black blocks together for this crazy design idea I have in mind.
Halfway through Drunkard's Path Project
I often feel like the man in the Twilight Zone episode "Time Enough At Last".
(Spoiler Alert: In case you somehow missed this awesome episode!) All he wants to do is read in peace but there is no time in his busy life. He's the last one standing after the destruction of the world and he's kind of happy to get to the library after wandering around a bit. He's finally settling in with a stack of books. He walks outside, stumbles and then breaks his glasses. ~In my case, I would break my sewing machine or there is no more electricity when I finally have enough time to sit down and sew all day. Oh, the horror!

Hope you had a great and productive weekend.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

March BOM and Robots

I finally finished both blocks for the March Skillbuilder BOM. The woven star and chevron blocks look so intricate but are quite simple to put together. The scant quarter inch seams were a must and resulted in perfect 12.5 in blocks. I am more in love with my soon-to-be rainbow quilt.
Woven Star and Woven Chevron

My rainbow star using the Woven Star pattern

 I can't wait to put them all together in the fall.


April is the month of many birthdays including my mom, dad, and nephew. Mom's gift has already been sent and I have a special gift in mind for a great little guy.

He loves robots and this has his favorite colors.
The fabric I ordered arrived in the mail yesterday and I can't wait to get started on his gift.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

QST and HST Make Me Happy!

I am such a huge fan of rainbows. The BOM quilt I'm making for myself this year is filled with solids in the various shades of colors I adore. I'm still on the fence about the quilt as you go method so I haven't put any backing on them yet. The tutorials seem easy enough, I think my reluctance lies with deciding on the thread colors I want featured.  I have a rainbow box of Gutermann in shades that match every solid I've selected but I want to narrow it down to 2-3 for the final project. I guess I can still decide later.

This month, both BOMs that I'm doing involved triangles by some strange coincidence. Making half-square and quarter-square triangles are nothing new but the designs are endless. 

Here's my newest Skillbuilder BOM that was so simple to put together. (The original design uses 3 colors and creates a woven pattern. I made a rainbow sketch with the template and decided to go this route instead.)

I am in love with this scrappy chevron for the OMQG's May BOM! I see many quilts with these half triangles in my near future. I found quadrilaterals of all shapes and sizes in my scrap bin to use for this one.

I think I will find more in all 6 colors and try my hand at a rainbow chevron. It could be a lovely baby quilt that's also unisex.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

We have a winner!

Yesterday, I won the blocks sweepstakes at my OMQG meeting.
I was so excited by the potential for awesome with the colorful Shoo Fly blocks everyone shared. I created a few sketches in my notebook while I was at the Dr's office after the meeting. JG gave me a few great ideas when I came home, too. I cannot wait to start sewing them together!

Stay tuned for more info.