Friday, May 31, 2013


The last few weeks have been a blur as work demanded a lot more of my time. Thankfully, I can breathe a little soon and prepare for the summer. This summer will include more organization of my work space. I'm going to tackle making my own cutting table and sewing space to save money and create a better flow in my art room. Wish me luck.

Proportion Project

I have been sketching ideas for quilts that play with proportion. I even researched software that allows you to create quilt designs with your own sketches. Since the good ones are out of my price range, I'll have to stick to my low-tech version of pen and paper. 

A few projects are in various stages of completion. Since most of these are improv designs, I am just playing around to see what works. I'll create patterns from the finished projects I like to really be sure that it can (or should) be replicated.

Completed quilts
Giant Log Cabin

Squares and Rectangles

Log Cabin with extra large borders

All three of these quilts were created for our next OMQG charity project. Last month, we brought in orphan blocks to swap.  I chose 2 blocks from the table based on the colors I wanted and came home with two log cabin designs. This inspired my giant log cabin design using my own stash. I will definitely make extra large log cabins again. Thank you random block donor(s).

Here's my next OMQG block of the month. I love that I could use those small scraps from my favorite projects and make something fun.
My attempts to make random confetti
went awry because I wanted all the colors to line up.

My next proportion project includes the shoo fly blocks I won in April. I still don't have my final design but it's coming soon.

Wishing you a productive weekend!