Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rainbow Fun Times

I had great weekend mostly away from work. The rainy weather allowed me to sleep in a bit and get some sewing done. I worked on two rainbow pieces that I started a while back. I'm really excited about them.

Rainbow Spiral

 I completed all of the quilting on this hexagon that "spiraled out of control". I machine quilted around the design and increased the distance in an attempt to imitate a water ripple. Now, I need to figure out the binding. (That's my least favorite part of making quilts. I need to find a binding master/mentor that can help make the process easier.)

Rainbow Wave

Using a Dresden ruler, I cut these pieces a while back but put them away when they became frustrating. I kept trying to make an actual circle using rainbow colors but could not make it work. (Six does not go into 20 very well, even with matching rainbow polka dot dividers.) I started playing with a half circle and it naturally formed into this wave. I cut circles in half using white fabric to cover the edges. I stitched the edges down and several pin pricks later I have the top done. It measures  36" by 18" so far and could be my next table runner. I have no clue how to quilt it yet and am open to suggestions.

Hope you have a healthy, happy week.
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