Sunday, August 11, 2013

Is it Fall yet?

Summer is the craziest time of year for me. My job keeps me pretty busy from April until September. So, of course, my blog gets put on the later pile of things to do.
I have made time to quilt and sew over the last few months even if I haven't stopped to share them with you. Some projects have kept me sane while I tackle the chaos that is my life once a year.

Picture Time!

Block of the Month (BOM)
Pippi Longstocking Block with an Afro.
I wanted my OMQG August BOM to look like me.
*Somehow I don't have a picture of my July BOM for the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild (OMQG) using the Snail Trail design. I guess in the excitement of choosing the BOM I forgot. It was made using red, black, gray and white colors. I'll be making more of those blocks so you'll see it again soon. (It's on the main website from the June monthly meeting in case you're curious.)
The Geo Swirl
Of course I made a rainbow swirl!

Chev N' Hex
Sewn by hand...never again I say!
Diamond Carat
Sewn by machine using clear much faster!

The Switz Block
Half way done with the Skillbuilder BOM
Half way done with the Skillbuilder BOM

I'm really in love with these rainbow BOM and can't wait to see how they will come together when they are done later this year. I enjoyed paper piecing more than I thought I would and will definitely take on more of those projects now.

In addition to my BOM for Skillbuilder and OMQG, I've also finished many projects for the annual Wayne County Fair. My "In-Laws" live in PA and each year I share my artwork in their local county fair. This started my passion in 2004 for creating unusual quilts, canvas work, and various household items to enter even if I don't win. I've made "modern" quilts before it was considered an actual art form in quilting and usually came in second or honorable mention next to traditional designs. I don't fault them for not getting my work. I think it was just too far out there for them to see what I wanted to present. If I knew there was going to be Modern quilt movement, I would have found "my people" years ago.

August Fair Items

Quilted Purse-Modified pattern from Modern Patchwork Magazine (2012). I added a strap and finished it with black borders. I also quilted the black and gray portion of the chevron for some texture. The straps can be tucked inside to make a fun clutch.



Baby Bunting-I created my own pattern with a huge poster board and used hexagons to create a fun little wrap for a little one. I sewed down one flap to keep the feet tucked inside and warm. At the suggestion of my sister-in-law, I didn't add any closure for the outside flap so there are no potential choking hazards or scratchy Velcro tabs. I didn't have actual baby or doll to try it out but it's soft and cozy to the touch.

Baby Blanket - Finished baby gingham stripped quilt. I used the left over squares to make a border and added a simple blue gingham backing fabric.

Christmas Gift Bag - Made a simple quilted bag with drawstrings for a holiday gift. I used a simple Santa fabric with green and red borders. (I didn't take any clear pictures of the front but I love the stripes on the back the most anyway. It makes me think of candy canes!)

Finished Home Items

Table Runner -Made from great Shoo Fly block Lotto win. Thanks to Michelle from OMQG I mastered the art of continuous binding and love the result.

French Press Cover- I used left over strips to make a fun rainbow cover for our beloved French Press. It's lined with Insul-bright to keep fantastic coffee warm. It's fastened with Velcro and (thanks to my girlfriend) found that it looks great in reverse too with the fun circle fabric I used as backing.


Dog Blanket - My remaining dog blanket for the OMQG charity project. This was the last of my Michael Miller Noah's Ark scraps from my nephew's baby quilt. (He's now 5 and it was time to use them up!)

There is more to come later this month. I can't wait to share notes and photos from my class with Jacquie Gering!

Thanks for stopping by and reading all the way down to the end of this crazy-long post.
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