Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday - Day 12

Some Saturday Thoughts:

-Why am I working on a Saturday? (I did procrastinate a little on Friday and had a great lunch with a dear old friend.)

-I'm taking my vacation in November. Let the countdown begin!

-I love this quilt that I'm making for my friends' 10th anniversary. The Tetris quilt is coming along quite nicely. (I hope to have the top done tomorrow if I can finish my work tonight.)

-I can't stop buying fabric. My addiction is currently being satiated at:

Pink Chalk Fabrics - So many modern fabrics, so little time. Most of these were purchased for no reason at all other than being fabulous designs and colors. I may have gone a little overboard.


Now, what to make? I love the endless possibilities.

Loralie Designs - Such fun panels and colors. (It's harder to find African-American women on fabric so I had to buy some!)

Missouri Star Quilt Co. - You can't beat there Daily Deals when you can get such great discounts. I wait until I see a few things I want to make the shipping worth it.

$1.99 for this yummy charm pack.

Sprightly Fabrics - Discovered this website by accident and am so glad I did. They don't have a large selection but what they do have is at a real steal!
(No photos yet since they were just ordered on Friday!)

Two more from JoAnn: Halloween Fabric for my godson's quilt!

What are you into this weekend?
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