Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thankful! - Day 17

I am so very thankful for a lot in my life. I know I was pretty grumpy this week because of work but when I sit and really think about all that I have in this life I can stand back and appreciate my blessings.

My Love:
The love of my life gives me the space and time to be creative. I always hear praise for a completed project and suggestions to improve a piece when I am stuck.  My love is a math genius and a spatial relations guru that I use to help me when I can't quite make my math-challenged brain find a solution to a problem. After almost 13 years, I am still in awe of how lucky I am.

My Home:
I love the home I have in Florida. The space is perfect for the two of us. We have decorated it with colorful walls and lots of art. It's also filled with great memories. I have a whole room in the house (our former guest room) to be as messy as I want when I am sewing.

It's two blocks from an amazing lake front and park. I love how easy it is to soak in nature for a bit and take our dog out for her walks. (She doesn't love it as much now that she's getting older and is mostly blind, but we make her go anyway.) Our neighborhood is quiet for the most part and it's our place to call home.
My favorite view of Lake Monroe on my morning walk.

My Art:
Sewing, quilting, drawing. I love it all. It helps soothes me when I feel insane and allows me to be creative when I feel stuck after a crazy day of work. I am making more of an effort to be creative each day. Whether it's doodling in a notebook or breaking out the cutting tools, fabric and sewing machine, I do find solace each day in doing something that's just for fun.
After complaining in a previous post about feeling stuck on a project, I decided to put it away and make something colorful. Here's a quilt top that I started last night to break out of my doldrums. It was a simple and easy way to make a rainbow happen this week.

I am thankful that you are reading this post right now. I appreciate your time and wish you a great weekend filled with fun and creativity.

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