Sunday, August 24, 2014

Nerding Out

So, I've been a busy bee working on many tasks all at the same time and I am not stopping. It seems that a lot of things are falling into place now that I've decided what I want. I love when the universe provides a path once you've decided on a journey.

Maker Faire Orlando

I am so excited about being a part of Maker Faire Orlando with some fabulously creative women. From a simple conversation at lunch one day about making nerdy yet fun items, my friend Kathryn decided to write a proposal to see if we'd get accepted. I came up with the name, Geeky Chic, and it's snowballed from there. There are four of us this year who will be showing items we've made and sharing demos for projects that are in the works. We will display our love of fiber arts/fabric and hope to inspire others to make something. If you're in the area, you have to stop by September 13&14, 2014 at the Orlando Science Center. We'll be on the fourth floor having fun in the Dinosaur Room.

[Follow us on Instagram: GeekyChicFlorida or Facebook/Twitter: Geeky Chic]

Modern Quilting Salon

As the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild president, I am in charge of reading the random emails that arrive for our guild. I felt bad each time someone asked if we offered anything in the evening since our monthly meetings are held Wednesday mornings. I proposed an idea at the last board meeting about hosting a salon to discuss the modern quilting movement. They approved it and I set out to find a place that would have us in the evening. I was in my local quilt shop and thought to ask the owner if she was interested in hosting and she enthusiastically said, "Yes!"

Starting in September, we will have a monthly evening meeting at the Bernina Sewing Centre to share ideas and examples of modern quilting. I really want to grow our modern movement and see what happens from there. I am excited about hosting the first meeting and know we are going to have a great time. (I feel like I have to make lesson plans for quilting instead of English class!)

I will let you know how it goes!

Shopping (I know I shouldn't but...)

I broke my rule of not buying any more fabric this year until I finished some projects. I can't say no to a good sale. I bought a groovy pattern and some solids because I can never have too much gray, black or white in my stash! It came with a cool gift:
Can't wait to attach this patch to something fun!
Botanics by C. Friedlander
Yes, please and thank you!
The package said, "Hello" and it wanted me to add more Carolyn Friedlander fabrics to my collection. I can't get enough of this fabric line!

I also purchased some patterns that I've wanted to try making. The Groove Quilt, I've long admired and can't wait to change up the colors to make it my own. The English Paper Piecing patterns will be a surprise for later. (I'm bringing them to work on at Maker Faire Orlando, so you'll see them soon.)


I haven't had much time to sew but I will be sewing up a storm next month on my vacation.
Made a banner for our Geeky Chic table!
Instead of traditional triangle bunting, I made hexagons.
Super nerdy!
I also started a smallish pillow to match my "Simply Love" Quilt. I wanted to put those scraps to good use!

 Using the same idea of a drunkard's path to form letters, I made a smaller (3" instead of 8.5") scale "Love" that will eventually be a pillow cover for our bed.

I am thinking of making a bolster pillow
but haven't made up my mind yet.
I will finish it when I have a larger guild project completed first.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Let me know what you've been working on this week!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Dreaming Big

Yesterday, we found out our dear neighbor and friend passed away. He and his wife were together since college and had no children. Please keep her in your thoughts as she tries to deal with living without her soulmate after almost 50 years together. I cannot even begin to imagine her pain. He will be missed by many.

In the years we've lived next door to this amazing couple, he often talked about making the best of every day. He had great advice about planning for retirement early because he worked a few years longer than he should have. He helped us remodel our 1950's tiny house because we wanted to do the repairs ourselves. He helped with projects that needed many hands to make light work. He also reminded us to take time to rest so that you don't exhaust yourself.

So I intend to take his advice and years of wisdom moving forward. I want to spend each day being happy instead of wishing for the weekend or thinking I'll have more time later. We may not have that luxury.

Enjoy the company you have and cherish your loved ones every day. Our time together is ever so fleeting.


Since my last post, I've been working on a few projects that will be moving me in the right direction towards being a maker. I've been sketching more, drafting more and worrying a lot less about perfection. That's a pretty tall order for this Capricorn!

I finally finished this Hexadaisy pattern I purchased last year. I colored it a while back and never decided on the fabric I wanted to use. After cleaning my sewing room recently, I pulled some of my shot cottons together and knew I already had the perfect colors to use.

Pulling from these two stacks I found the exact the shades I wanted.
Twelve colors were needed and I thought
about using this print text as my background.
Coloring each paper piece was the only way to keep this pattern organized.
There are a lot of small parts to this one.
The hardest part is done!
Once they were sewn together, I did a little happy dance!
This pattern stretched the brain a bit but the results are worth it.
I kept the quilting simple because the design speaks volumes.
I used Aurifil gray and 6 rainbow colors to stitch in the ditch.
The back reminds me of a snowflake. The star in the middle was a cool surprise.
It was hard to get a picture yesterday since it was raining so much!

A thin dark gray binding was added and I love the finished piece.
This was a labor of paper piecing love because it took a lot of planning to get the pattern to fit together just so. I plan to keep this gem for my collection. I haven't decided if it will be a wall hanging or a table centerpiece.


The Stash Bee is also going well. I was the hive queen for July and here's my post:

 July Hive Pattern

Most of my blocks have already arrived and I'll soon be able to create a Rainbow Squared quilt I've always wanted to make for my own bed. Here's what I have so far:

I have some ideas for this layout but want all blocks to arrive
before I decide on a final plan.

Fun treats from England! It's hot chocolate I am saving
for a day when it's not 90 degrees in Florida.
I love the Royal Mail stamp with
the Queen's profile. So classy!
This fat quarter and washi tape is so cute. 
I do plan to channel my current sadness into my craft of making things. I will continue to surround myself with people that are also interested in making their big dreams happen. Even if you don't know what your dream is, experimenting and learning new skills is the only way to discover what your bliss will be.

What makes you happy? What do you dream of doing?