Monday, February 2, 2015

Home from Quilt Beach

I came home late last night from Quilt Beach in Vero Beach, FL. I am completely exhausted but in a good way. I did two things I didn't know would happen so soon: I helped set up/break down a quilt show and I had 5 quilts hanging in the show. Since this was not a judged show, I felt good about putting in some quilts just for fun. I am now inspired to make a quilt for another show and get feedback from judges.

I had a chance to take a class with Luke Haynes and see how his mind works a bit. His class on design gave me lots of ideas for how to approach quilting from an architectural perspective. I have some blocks that will be made into something fun, just not sure what yet.
Luke is just getting into his lecture. Love those blue shoes.

I asked for a sad face but it looked kind of angry.

(Love that Mindy photobombed this one!)

Helen was so sweet!

(She later became my partner in crime on Saturday.)

Ruth was plotting and scheming with her shades of gray.
Cal also used shades of gray...hmmm,
I sense a pattern with these TCMQG ladies.
I really love them!

These are my black and white blocks.
My style of drawing involved a lot of squares in squares.

I also enjoyed more time with Victoria Findlay Wolfe, the keynote speaker, and now have her second book autographed in my collection. I am very excited about the variety of double wedding ring patterns in the back and her permission to distort them to make your own designs. She even rode with me to dinner and we had a chance to chat about her time in Tokyo. She's so awesome.

I took two half day classes and learned so much! My first class on Saturday was on curved paper piecing with Anita Kelley. MIND BLOWN! Although we were using a pattern with traditional fabrics, I can now see how I would design my own block using the techniques I learned. I am so excited to play with this curved quilt idea in my head. I definitely plan to stop by her shop in Melbourne when I can.

That night, at the V.I.Q. party, I spent time with Shelagh Traill and some of the fabulous ladies from the Treasure Coast Modern Quilt Guild, as well as, some ladies from other Florida MQGs. Carole Lyles Shaw, our MQG area board member is hilarious and talented! So glad I had a chance to chat with her. Victoria was there signing copies of her book while hanging out while Luke was chatting at every table and having a nice time. I even met two quilting sisters from Jupiter, FL and we are Instagram buddies for life! I stayed later than I my tired body wanted me to, but was so glad I did. Chances like this don't come every day so you have to seize them while you can. (I am really sad that I didn't a get a single picture that night because I was too busy chatting.)

My second class was on free motion quilting, taught by the amazing Mindy Marik (*see photbomb above!). She is seriously one of the best quilting teachers I have ever had. She started with some basics that I needed to hear again and drilled in us her process of how she starts her quilting day. I felt like I was in kindergarten learning how to write my name and it worked. I will definitely practice more on my home machine and hope to develop a signature style of my own.

Can you see my horribly scribbled name?
(This was to check the tension so it doesn't count.)

I was truly impressed by the amazing quilts sent over from so many talented, modern quilters and the spirit of those ladies who put this all together. I feel most honored to be asked to join the board of Quilt Beach and be a voice in the process for 2016!

Here are some of my favorites:

(This RuPaul quilt is EVERYTHING!)

Now to! (I see a nap in my future!)

Enjoy your week!