Friday, February 22, 2013

Weekend Clean Up

A Hoarder's Reckoning 

Somewhere along the line, my room has become chaotic with fabric shoved here and notions shoved there.  I really want to clean and organize my space this weekend so that I can find what I need. I want see all of my beautiful fabrics to inspire creativity.

Looking at pages of how others have stored their fabric made me ready to get my shelves set up this weekend. I've already stored bulk fabrics in vacuum sealed bags since they are not materials I would use for quilting. (I eventually want to learn how to make my own clothes but am not there yet.) I also have a great organizer with rainbow drawers from Christmas (Thanks Love!) that needs to be labeled so it can house all of my favorite tools. I have 3 shelving systems of needles,bobbins, binding and buttons that can be condensed into one, I hope. If I am to be more serious about my quilt work this year, I need to clear my space to make it happen.
(Sadly, this isn't even all of  it. I need to fit
secret stashes in there, too.)
I wish I was at QuiltCon this week! (Although, I would be probably come home with lots of fabric and no where to put it.)
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