Sunday, March 3, 2013

Madrona Road Challenge

The Madrona Road Fabric Challenge was interesting. I do love a challenge and had a design that morphed a few times before I settled on a sketch that I hoped would work.

I started by fussy cutting blocks from the various fabrics that I wanted to frame. (My favorite is the journal design which says "Sweet Dreams" with a heart in the center.) Here's a quick look at how I made them:
White squares marked to cut in half.

Pinned squares to corners.

Squares sewn on the diagonal line.

Measured 1/4 in and cut off  the excess.
Then press open.

Add borders to all sides.

After completing the "frames" for each block I used the remaining fabric to create a braid that I thought would show how the fabrics complimented each other. Finally, I used black to unify the squares. The effect I wanted was a gallery wall of colors and fun. I think it worked well.

Madrona Road Top finished!
The final size is 45 by 46 which I think will be a perfect lap quilt once the border has been added. I have not finished the backing because I'm torn between using all white or all black. However, I do plan to use the chevron fabric on the back to mimic the braid on the front. I also haven't figured out how to to quilt it. I want to learn how to use a long-arm quilting machine this year and think this might be a great first project.
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