Tuesday, April 9, 2013

QST and HST Make Me Happy!

I am such a huge fan of rainbows. The BOM quilt I'm making for myself this year is filled with solids in the various shades of colors I adore. I'm still on the fence about the quilt as you go method so I haven't put any backing on them yet. The tutorials seem easy enough, I think my reluctance lies with deciding on the thread colors I want featured.  I have a rainbow box of Gutermann in shades that match every solid I've selected but I want to narrow it down to 2-3 for the final project. I guess I can still decide later.

This month, both BOMs that I'm doing involved triangles by some strange coincidence. Making half-square and quarter-square triangles are nothing new but the designs are endless. 

Here's my newest Skillbuilder BOM that was so simple to put together. (The original design uses 3 colors and creates a woven pattern. I made a rainbow sketch with the template and decided to go this route instead.)

I am in love with this scrappy chevron for the OMQG's May BOM! I see many quilts with these half triangles in my near future. I found quadrilaterals of all shapes and sizes in my scrap bin to use for this one.

I think I will find more in all 6 colors and try my hand at a rainbow chevron. It could be a lovely baby quilt that's also unisex.
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