Monday, October 14, 2013

Most Interesting Monday - Day 14

Fall is definitely here! Work is slowing down a bit and the weather is so much more pleasant. I am hoping to make great progress on my Christmas presents this year and also finish the quilt I'm making for myself.

I wanted to share my favorite books that I turn to for inspiration or quiltspiration if you will. They have helped me find my creativity when I needed a spark. 

Tar Beach by Faith Ringhold was the first book I read at a young age that I still love to this day. Her artwork is stunning and all of her quilts are a treasure. I hope to see them in person one day.

Quilting Modern by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen has so many ideas for projects and quilting. I love that they are very flexible in design so you can make the quilt your own. Meeting Jacquie Gering in person in August was such a treat!

Spirits of the Cloth by Carolyn L. Mazloomi is filled with stories, photos, and art quilts that you can stare at for hours. The history of African American quilt making is so interesting and needs to be shared. Many designs used today were inspired by African fabrics and storytelling.

5,500 Quilt Block Designs by Maggie Malone is fabulous! The book contains page after page of designs with original titles and variations of names found over the years. It's my quilt bible and I turn to it for new project ideas. I love that it has no directions or patters to follow. It only has the basic shapes and it leaves it up to you to get it done. (This is where my love of Geometry and graph paper come into play a lot.) I find it funny [sad] when quilters don't know their own history. Most "modern" blocks today come from these really old designs. I guess everything old becomes new again.

100 Modern Quilt Blocks by Tula Pink is also a winner. You get the name the blocks you can create using her basic 6.5 inch designs.  Much like Malone's book, you can change the design or make your own variations based on a basic idea. She even has you write your own bio on the back page and a place to put your photo since you are the "author" when you make the blocks your own.

What are your favorite books or sources of quiltspiration?

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