Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday's Blahs - Day 15

Today was so blah. The sky was gray all day but it never rained. Work was ok. I thought I was caught up but alas there seems to be always more waiting to be done. The last real break I had was in January. I am really overdue for a vacation.

My car Jukie and I on vacation in NC.
(Squint closely and you can see me in the reflection of the car.)
She's itching for a road trip, too.

I'm also stuck on this quilt project I started and am not sure where to go next. It may end up in the land of misfit quilt tops I've started to collect. I have a rack that is slowly filling up with projects that I start and then reach that moment where it can become a nice quilt or it can become a monstrosity. So I try to put it aside to see if I can look at it again later with a new perspective. I seem to put them away and not touch them again for fear of making them worse. We shall see what quilts may come from this collection.

Do you have unfinished quilts/tops in need of direction, too?
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