Saturday, December 21, 2013

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted...

My first full day of vacation was AWESOME! I woke early to wait in the eternal line at the post office, I had a gorgeous drive over to my friend Beth's house. I was able to use her long arm machine again and finally finished the quilt I started ages ago it seems.

Although I still have binding to do and need to take good pictures outside, I can show you some of the fun I had while finishing my first ever quilt on a long arm. (I've done practice work and a weird sampler I gave to my little furbaby so this one is quite special.)

I used 10 different color threads for this thing which is part of why it took so long. It was worth it!

What a great book with step by step directions for quilting.
(I hope Santa can get it for me this Christmas.
If not, the birthday fairy can bring it in Jan.)
I attempted many of her designs and ended up with
some quirky variations.

I had the idea of making her "square flower" design.
It's looks more like bricks,
but I like it!
I was so excited when I came to the last green set,
I forgot to take more pictures.
I can't wait to bind, wash and photograph this quilt to share with you. I also can't wait to see the looks on my friends' faces when I give it to them for their 10 year wedding anniversary this March.

How was your Saturday? Make anything fun?

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas Party

On Friday the 13th, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild celebrated the holidays with our last Friday Sew Day. (They return to our normal Saturdays in January! Thank Heavens because Friday traffic was no joke.)

I laughed a lot and had such a great time with everyone. I love to see the creativity of this group. Everyone was working on something fun and it always inspiring to see a new idea. I wish my phone didn't die so soon or I would have more pictures to share.

Here are some highlights:

We exchanged mug rugs!
The one I made went home with Judy!
This fancy one from Michelle came home with me.
I love the smiling faces on the houses.
It also brightens up my sewing room!

I spent a good portion of my time making these gift card holders.
It can be used as a mini wallet or
business card holder once the card is spent.
I modified the pattern from Watermelon Wishes because I could not get a card to fit using her measurements. I found that cutting the rectangles and batting to 6.5 by 4.5 was just the right size.

I also used her clever idea for making a template from my morning coffee cup holder to create a cozy that closes with Velcro.

Both photos are from of Michelle's iPhone!

I also started making a really expensive and lengthy Christmas/Birthday wishlist based on a few different projects. I saw the Juki sewing machine I've been researching and heard great comments about it's durability. I also want a Thermofax machine to start printing my own graphics for pieces I've sketched out. Don't even get me started on fabrics. Everyone always has such yummy collections that I want to run out and buy.

I've decided to make 2014 the year of making just art quilts, designing fabrics and sewing things for myself. This is the first time I've ever been selfish with my sewing/quilting but I have to start sometime, right? (Of course, I will make the charity quilts and projects with my guild but the rest of the work I create will be for me.) I want to expand my knowledge of textiles and explore designing my own patterns on EQ7. I might even venture into making clothes and bags more, too.

What are your plans for the New Year?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

She shops, she scores!

I am never one to brave the crowd on Black Friday for any sale. I am just not a fan of the traffic and potential rudeness that occurs because something is half off. So I shop online when I see an email or an online sale that is too good to pass up.

This year, Craftsy won! Their fabric sale last weekend was Ah-mazing! (I went a little nutty but I blame it on the cold I was getting.)

It all arrived in the mail on Tuesday and this was my first chance to share my goodies with you.

More Shot Cottons - Yes, please and thank you!

Can't resist more Kona!
This Silent Film set will work well
for my black and white quilt I'm designing.

The only pearls I want are "Pearl Bracelet" fabric from Andover.
Lizzy House makes me happy.
Riley Blake's Small Dots in Rainbow colors.
Couldn't resist!
Tula Pink!!!!!
I love this Acacia line and can't wait to play with those charms.
 So this is part of my stash. I'm waiting for the rest to arrive later this weekend. I look forward to a new year of great quilting projects. I certainly have lots of fun things to play with now.

Perhaps Santa will bring the camera that I've asked for so I can post better pictures next year?